The international workshop on “flood impacts observation” was held in Montpellier (France) on 5-7th November 2019. It was organised by MUSE – the University of Montpellier and the members of the so-ii observatory.

This workshop was in english only (no translation to french nor in other language).

He took place in MSH Sud, located at Site de Saint-Charles, 71 rue Professeur Henri Serre, Montpellier.

Workshop participants

Speakers presentations

You can download the speaker’s presentations below shown during this international workshop on Flood Impacts Observation:

Opening presentation:

Flood and agriculture:

Flood and environment:

Flood and property market:

Short-term dynamic of damages:

  • Sally Priest, “The impacts of flooding on the wellbeing of professional responders”

Flood and adaptation:

  • Lindsey McEwen, “Increasing small business resilience to flood risks: the role of flood memories, different knowledges and networks in adaptation”

Data collection procedure, feedbacks on uses:

Flood and fatalities and Data collection procedure:

Goal of the workshop

This workshop aims to share experience between experts on flood impacts observation with a specific focus on :

  • the different impacts such as damage (on households, on socio-economic buildings, on public infrastructure, on ecosystems, on pollution, on human health, etc) and different adaptation dynamics, recovery processes etc,
  • the impact depending on the flood hazard intensity and type : river overflow, water run-off and marine submersion,
  • continuous or intermittent observation methods,
  • a short to long-term post-disaster observation,
  • scientific data capitalisation and thereafter which analysis this allows.


You can download the latest version of the official workshop programme at : workshop_programme_04-11-2019

Confirmed international Researchers

  • Dr Allan Beltran, University of Birmingham (Birmingham – United Kingdom),
  • Dr Okmyung Bin, East Carolina University (Greenville – USA),
  • Dr Philip Bubeck, University of Potsdam, Institute of Earth and Environmental Science (Potsdam – Germany),
  • Dr Emily Garner, West Virginia University (Virginia – USA),
  • Dr Heidi Kreibich, GFZ Helmholtz Centre (Potsdam – Germany),
  • Dr Maria Carmen Llasat, University of Barcelona, Applied Physics Department Barcelona – Spain,
  • Prof Lindsey McEwen, University of the West of England Bristol (Bristol – United Kingdom),
  • Dr Daniela Molinari, Politecnico di Milano (Milano – Italy),
  • Dr Joe Morris, Cranfield University (Bedford – United Kingdom),
  • Dr Daniel Osberghaus, Centre for European Economic Research (Mannheim – Germany),
  • Dr Katerina Papagiannaki, National Observatory of Athens (Athens – Greece),
  • Dr Olga Petrucci, CNR : Research National Council (Cosenza – Italy),
  • Dr Sally Priest, Middlesex University London (Londres – United Kingdom),
  • Prof Reimund Schwarze, Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ (Leipzig – Germany).

Confirmed French Researchers

  • Dr Katrin Erdlenbruch, Irstea, UMR G-Eau,
  • Dr Frédéric Grelot, Irstea, UMR G-Eau,
  • Cécile Hérivaux, BRGM,
  • Dr Annabelle Moatty, University Paris 1 / LGP,
  • Dr Sara Romano-Bertrand, University Montpellier, UMR HSM,
  • Prof Freddy Vinet, University Montpellier Paul Valery, UMR GRED,